Website/ Blog ReDo

18 Nov
visit loveislame's new store

visit loveislame’s new store

Loveislame’s site is new. We will will also by posting to the new blog hosted on the new site. Check out the new site and blog at


Cool Customers from NYNOW Booth

21 Aug


Laura Brown Harper’s BAZAAR Executive Editor & super cool lady with the Franklin Shit Bitch Bear

16 Aug

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 6.36.21 PM

Laura Brown with the “Franklin Bear” from Loveislame. Sometimes when you share shit on the web you get shit in your mail box!

Come see Love is lame at NY NOW AUG 17-21

8 Aug

Click the image to register for the show.nynow

We are pleased to be exhibiting in New York’s Newest at NYNOW.

NY NOW hosts 2,800 exhibiting companies showcasing the very best lines across the home, lifestyle and gift spectrum twice a year in NYC.

Shocking! Bear falls from 4 story building. Drugs? Depression? Pushed..?

2 Jul

Introducing Theodore

19 Jun


24 inches of love!

Theodore is our most cuddly Shit Bitch Bear yet. Theo has an olde timey “heirloom” look and feel. Pass Theodore along generation to generation and share the love.

Love is Lame Shit Bitch Bears available in Brooklyn.

12 Feb


Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 11.18.35 AMScreen Shot 2013-02-12 at 11.27.19 AM

Franklin Shit Bitch Bears are available for purchase at Milly & Earl and Honey Gifts in BROOKLYN!

Please be advised pricing will vary from the website.

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