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25 Jan
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Nothing says “happy Valentine’s Day and I love you” quite like the Shit Bitch You Is Fine Teddy Bear! Why settle for a normal lame V-Day teddy bear when you can pick this bear up which tells your significant other how you really feel?!

The bear is only $12.99 and is available in brown or white and is available from Love Is Lame. Aside from the bears Love Is Lame offers a decent range of tees as well, that could couple well as a Valentine’s Day gift. You can thank me later!

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Post Author: Adam Hendle

Adam is from the burbs of Chicago, IL. He loves T-shirts, art, music and basically anything awesome! He is also the creator of this wonderful site ; ) and co-host of IATT.TV You can follow him and this site on Twitter (@iamthetrend)



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