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Shocking! Bear falls from 4 story building. Drugs? Depression? Pushed..?

2 Jul

Screen test for Sweded – Kabuki version of Ted.

21 Sep

Ted is probably the best movie I didn’t see this year. That’s why we are making a Sweded – Kabuki version here at Here’s a little screen test teaser.

Off to the Beach!!!

18 Aug

Free LoveisLame Temporary Tattoos!

16 Aug

Need help applying your free Loveislame temporary Tattoo?  Watch this short instructional video!  Temp tattoos are now shipping with every order.

Temporary tattoo application instructions from loveislame on Vimeo.

El Poocho Diablo (gardening with my dog)

22 Jul

Spent some time this weekend gardening with my dog Josh.

Ah Crap – C.H.U.D.s In Brooklyn!!

16 Jul


Ye Olde Loveislame site

3 Jan

Checking out the to see what’s left of the old loveislame site.

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