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Laura Brown Harper’s BAZAAR Executive Editor & super cool lady with the Franklin Shit Bitch Bear

16 Aug

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 6.36.21 PM

Laura Brown with the “Franklin Bear” from Loveislame. Sometimes when you share shit on the web you get shit in your mail box!


Introducing Theodore

19 Jun


24 inches of love!

Theodore is our most cuddly Shit Bitch Bear yet. Theo has an olde timey “heirloom” look and feel. Pass Theodore along generation to generation and share the love.

Nice Post from Iamthetrend

25 Jan
Amplify’d from iamthetrend.com

Nothing says “happy Valentine’s Day and I love you” quite like the Shit Bitch You Is Fine Teddy Bear! Why settle for a normal lame V-Day teddy bear when you can pick this bear up which tells your significant other how you really feel?!

The bear is only $12.99 and is available in brown or white and is available from Love Is Lame. Aside from the bears Love Is Lame offers a decent range of tees as well, that could couple well as a Valentine’s Day gift. You can thank me later!


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