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Website/ Blog ReDo

18 Nov
visit loveislame's new store

visit loveislame’s new store

Loveislame’s site is new. We will will also by posting to the new blog hosted on the new site. Check out the new site and blog at www.loveislame.com


Shocking! Bear falls from 4 story building. Drugs? Depression? Pushed..?

2 Jul

Valentine’s Day cards from Loveislame!

16 Jan

1Card_plain_working copy  5+pack_working

Shit Bitch Bear Valentine’s Cards you asked for it so we made it!

The Shit Bitch Bear Valentine’s Day card Measures 4X6 inches and comes individually wrapped in cellophane.
A classy decorative envelope from French Paper is also included.

Available Here!

Proofing Loveislame stickers

20 Dec

Sticker_proofingWe’re working on getting some new stickers out in time for Valentines Day!

Sunset Poem of the Day

4 Jan

A poem inspired by this beautiful sunset motif paper.

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